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Creative space

Louise Uquhart

Sometimes life throws a curve ball at us or our environment is such that we need support to get through it.

Creative space

Jessica Smith

I work with gouache and digital mediums to bring a little bit of colour and joy into your everyday.

Creative space

Thiago Miurim

Top Stand LTD

Studio 04

Ground floor 366 sq ft
£895 per month Suggested co-working space x 4 spaces @ £244 each per month includes useful communal kitchen/storage room Studio service charges £115 per month

Creative space

Studio 5

Creative space

Susie Brooks

I’m a printmaker and illustrator, making artwork for galleries, clients and customers locally and internationally since 1991.

Studio 8


Jane Scott

Pottery is a catalyst for so much more – feeling great, slowing down and making time for ourselves doing something that feels really nourishing is what the potting shed is all about.



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