Welcome to the Lancefield Studios.  The following guidelines comprise procedures and provisions which need to be observed while you are occupying a studio.  The ethos of the project is to provide affordable space for artists, artisan and art related practice. Co-operative use of shared areas will help reduce costs and all tenants will benefit. You will see reference made to these guidelines in the tenancy agreement. We have a WhatsApp group that we communicate through to which your phone number will be added.
Fire Safety
Lancefield Studios takes its duties and responsibilities towards fire safety very seriously.
Each studio occupier has the responsibility to comply with the Regulatory (Fire Safety) Order 2005. Lancefield Studios will assist in providing a simple fire risk assessment, this will identify risks that can be removed or reduced to protect people in and around each studio.

Each studios fire risk assessment will be reviewed annually and if any changes are made to how the studio operates. Any changes must be discussed prior to implementation in case additional control measures are needed.
All work spaces are fitted with smoke detectors these are linked to a control panel which is located in the foyer. Break-glass call points are located throughout the property.

Each studio has been supplied with a Fire Action plan. The responsible person for each studio is responsible for the evacuation of all visitors and staff within their studio. The assembly point is in the main car park. Each ground floor studio has doors which open to fresh air.
Foam and CO2 fire extinguisher are to be found in a fire box which is situated outside studio 5 and 6 in the courtyard garden.

The first floor studios are accessed from the stairs in the main foyer and have single fire door access. Fire-protected corridors with emergency lighting lead to this main staircase which is the designated escape route. Fire extinguishers are located along the first floor corridor.
A full fire risk assessment of the common areas has been written in accordance with health and safety legislation and is on the notice board in the entrance hall.  
Lancefield Studios is responsible for the servicing and maintenance of the fire alarm, emergency lighting and fire extinguishers. These records are available to be viewed if required. Access to each unit may be necessary to allow this servicing and maintenance to take place.
Each studio will be responsible for providing fire proof boxes to store flammable materials.
A designated smoking area has been provided and smoking in not permitted in any other location.
Access & Security
There is a keypad that allows you to open the main front door and also access the toilet.  You will be provided with the code when you move into your studio.  We depend on tenants to use this with discretion and respect the security needs of the building and other users. You will be provided with 1 key to your studio. Tenants have the right to access their studio at any time of the day or night on any day of the year. Tenants may bring deliveries, stock and furnishings up to the car park, unload and park temporarily at any time.
Parking around the building needs to take events in the teaching space into consideration,  so please avoid bringing vehicles in at times when there are regular classes happening.  Please do not park anywhere else in Lancefield Place other than within the Lancefield Studios parking area.  There is also parking available on the main road adjacent to Lancefield Place.
As a general rule, the main door to the building should be kept locked, this is for the security of all tenants and their possessions.  
The entire Lancefield Studios property is continuously monitored by CCTV.
We have a WhatsApp group that your number will be added to for security and communication purposes.
Business Rates
When you take a studio you need to contact:
Wiltshire Council Rates office on 01249 706290 and/or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
and ask for SMALL BUSINESS RATES RELIEF to tell them that you are the new occupant and giving your studio number and your name and correspondence address. You can do this over the phone with whoever in the office answers but we suggest also emailing so that you have a record. 
Valuation Office Agency, (VOA)
The VOA will write to you once you have taken the tenancy, (they are informed of the change by the District Council). The VOA will request that you complete an online rent & lease form. Once you have done this they will then confirm the rateable value, and contact the District Council rates department. The District Council then draw up an invoice and apply rate relief. The VOA do not draw up billing notices. All they do is set the rateable value.
It is a circular process but you need to follow it through. Once you have informed the District Council and received a relief notice you don't have to reapply but it is different with the VOA who will contact you every three years and this will eventually, (most likely) become an annual requirement. 
Post can go astray - the District Council and the Valuation Office BOTH need to know your correct postal address.
For tenants of our larger studios there may be a small charge for rates over and above the small business rates relief figure. There is an appeal process that you can follow through with the VOA but the non-relief figure if it is applied can only be set by the District Council.

Recycling / Rubbish Disposal
You will need to remove your own general waste but there will be a Lancefield Studios recycling bin that is emptied every 2 weeks on a Wednesday.

Each tenant is responsible for the upkeep of his or her own studio.  The shared spaces, the toilets and the teaching space are cleaned once a week by our cleaner.  We provide toilet rolls, soap and paper towels.  The communal garden is kept tidy by our gardener Sufi.

Heating & Power
The heat/power consumption of individual studios is metered.  Please generally try to reduce energy consumption.
Some studios are fitted with radiators and will have basic heating and other studios (Studios 5, 6 and 7) have electric heating.  We will invoice you monthly for your studio electricity usage.  Most lights in the corridors, stairs and toilets are on movement sensors which will turn themselves off. Please make sure you do turn off all the lights when you leave your studio.

Electrical Equipment
Tenants may use electrical devices in their studios but they are responsible for their maintenance and PAT testing.  No cooking devices other than kettles may be used.
If there is a problem with a fuse tripping please contact Jane or Ivan to re-set.

There is limited acoustic buffering in place in Lancefield Studios, therefore we ask that for consideration of other tenants and our neighbours that radios or amplified music is played at low volume and that headphones are used whenever possible so that sound may not leak into other studios. Phone conversations should be kept brief if they are carried out inside the building and head/earphones used.

Wall Fixings
The plastered walls contain wiring.  No fixings may be put into these walls without a qualified technician using an appropriate device to ensure that there are no wires at the place where you wish to place them. These devices can also be used to detect the position of the studs in the walls to aid in fixing. 

Wireless Broadband is available all the time. If you experience any problems with the Wi-Fi please contact Jane or Ivan. 
Internet service is supplied solely on the basis that illegal or abusive material or content harmful to copyright is not downloaded nor accessed by any individual or studio.  Tenants using broadband at Lancefield Studios need to familiarise themselves with current UK legislation and agree to act responsibly so that no personal or commercial rights of any third party are infringed. 

Website and Social Media
Your lease at Lancefield studios includes a dedicated page on the Lancefield Studios website.  You need to provide a description of yourself/your business and up to three good quality images and your company logo, links to social media and website etc. to Ivan (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
We will endeavour to promote you and your business through social media and we ask you to reciprocate this by following us @lancefieldstudios and using #lancefieldstudios and #creativecorsham where appropriate. 

Open Studio Events
We will participate in the Peacock Arts Trail biannually as a group venue (there will be a small cost involved per person) and we may organise other cultural events here and would encourage all Lancefield Studios artists to participate in these events where possible. 

Teaching Space and Ceramics Studio
The teaching space is available to hire for classes, workshops and other events - please contact Jane (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for bookings and costs. We encourage skill sharing with the community as much as possible and would like to see the studio being used as much as possible, so we welcome your ideas on teaching and workshops.  The ceramics studio and the use of its specialist equipment and kilns are available to hire as untutored studio time - you need to either have attended a term of pottery classes or have had at least one private tuition session with a Lancefield Studios ceramics tutor to qualify for untutored studio time. You will be able to access this and book your slot online through  Clay and other useful pottery supplies and tools are available to purchase through - you can make a click and collect orders or just talk to Jane about what you require. 

We will never pass on your personal details to anyone without asking your specific permission to do so. Insurance
Lancefield Studios has public liability insurance for the building but we cannot provide insurance for the contents of rented studios. It is recommended that tenants make their own insurance arrangements. 


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